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Josh Johnson experiencing soreness and other Padres injuries

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

I've been having a hard time keeping up with Padres news so far this season.  You and I have been busy at work and so we've had very little time to goof off and read baseball stuff.  Fortunately I just tuned into Padres Social Hour and Jesse Agler just summed up all the news on the Padres injury front by quoting tweets, which is exactly what I would have done anyway.

Bud Black broke a lot of bad news today.  Josh Johnson who's trying to recover from his second Tommy John surgery experienced some soreness and skipped his bullpen session today.  His Phil Spector hair seems to be healthy.

This team has sucked since Wil Myers and Yonder Alonso were injured.  The Padres can't survive much longer without them in the line up.  Corey Brock tells us that Myers won't be back by 5/26 as we'd all hoped.  We.  Are. Doomed.  Maybe.

I say "maybe" because Yonder Alonso has taken some swings which could mean the Padres might return to their inconsistently good form from early in the season when he was healthy.

As Lin and Agler noted, Brandon Morrow will throw a bullpen sesh tomorrow.  Simulated games will take place later in the week for him.

I'm caught up and now you're caught up too. Go Padres!  Heal!  Heal like the wind!