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Padres find a new, better use for Truck Nutz

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

You know, coming into this season, I heard a lot of speculation that the Padres might have issues with team chemistry because of all these new guys coming from different clubhouses. But so far they've proven to fit really well together and seem to have a lot of fun. There's a ton of personality on this team, which can be bad sometimes if those personalities clash. But judging by the way they interact (at least from what we've seen in the dugout and heard in the media), all these personalities seem to complement each other, resulting in quite a few fun and memorable moments for us fans. 

Case in point, Odrisamer Despaigne's tweet after the Padres' 14-3 routing of the Rockies tonight.

After going 2-for-5 with 4 RBI in the series opener against Colorado, Yangervis Solarte raised his season average with runners in scoring position to .611 (11-for-18). He now has as many RBI on the season (16) as Matt Kemp, Justin Upton, and Wil Myers - in far fewer at-bats. It only made sense for him to be awarded tonight's game balls. Yeah, I said balls.

I mean, I dare you to try and think of a better Game MVP trophy than a set of golden TruckNutz on a chain. Can't do it, huh?

Keep doing you, 2015 Padres.