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Nationals 10, Padres 0: Despaigne collapses

Denis Poroy/Getty Images

Let's rip the bandage off this one quickly. Odrisamer Despaigne was bad tonight. Well, "bad" might not be the right word. Disastrous. Appalling. Double plus ungood. In a brutal three innings of work, he allowed seven runs on ten hits and two walks. And it was a death by a thousand cuts, as eight of those hits were singles, the first four of which came before Despaigne recorded a single out. Of course, even if he'd been remotely effective, the Padres still wouldn't have had a chance, as Nationals starter Jordan Zimmermann shut the offense down for six innings, keeping them to a measly six singles and a walk. The only reasonably bright spot in the game? The bullpen soaked up six wasted innings with a modicum of grace. Shawn Kelley, Frank Garces, and Dale Thayer allowed three runs on six hits and a walk.

Andrew Cashner will do his best to turn things around when he takes the mound at 5:40 tomorrow evening.

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