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Padres lead the league in home runs... allowed

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

If you're into gallows humor, it was kind of funny last night as all the sports writers,'s Corey Brock in particular tried to keep track of the number of home runs the Padres have allowed this season.  The Brewers pitching staff led the league prior to the game allowing 50 home runs over the course of the season.  The Padres kept creeping ever closer to tying them as tweets were sent out with updated totals.  The home runs were flying so fast out of SafeCo last night that they'd have to correct the tweet moments later.

In the end the Mariners hit 6 home runs off of Padres pitching.  I was curious to see how many times the Padres had given up so many long balls in in a game.  It's happened 7 times in Padres history.  The record for the most home runs is 7 and that happened 4 times.  Oof.