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SD 4, SEA 11: Padres host HR derby in Seattle

What is going on?

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Uh oh. Another one of those tonight. The Padres are now leading the league - in the most home runs given up by any team. By the ninth inning, eight Friars were struck out and two bases loaded opportunities were blown. Wil Myers was scratched from the lineup late with a left wrist boo-boo. Matt Kemp went 0-5, Justin Upton went 0-5 with 3 strikeouts, and only 4 Padres runs kept the night from being a total dumpster fire.

It's hard to wrap one's head around what exactly the hell is going on right now. Ian Kennedy lasted a measly 4.2 innings giving up 5 runs and 2 home runs. Sean Kelley gave up a HR, and Frank Garces did some late-inning relief work giving up 3 home runs. Our pitching is getting absolutely lit up, despite a very high swing-and-miss percentage.

The Padres are being dragged down to an even .500 record and something supernatural is to blame. I'm going with some Wicca-Voodoo nonsense. And the fan pessimism is being piled on along with every run against the Pads. A whirlwind of opportunity and potential is being hacked apart at the knees by anti-clutchness and abnormal performances.

But if you can't keep the faith in May, then you're not going to survive these next few weeks of baseball. Because the Padres finish their 2-game stint in Seattle tomorrow and return home for some invigoration in a 4-game series against the hot hot Washington Nationals.

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