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Black tells MLB Network Radio of Kemp's struggles and Myers' early success at first

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Bud Black was on MLB Network Radio this morning talking about Matt Kemp's recent struggles at the plate and Wil Myers' early success at first base.

As for Kemp, Black says that he's trying to do a bit too much in an effort to not necessarily carry the team but to do his part.  Kemp is expanding the zone on pitches, sliders down and away in particular.  Black says he's seen Kemp take these same pitches for balls in years past.  Currently though Kemp isn't seeing the ball great or recognizing pitches.  Black assures us that while Kemp has come out of his game that he'll eventually come out of his funk.  He didn't mention a timeline for that.

Black thinks Myers has looked good playing first base in Yonder Alonso's injury absence.  Wil is a young athletic player that plays loose and care free.  There's a lot of subtlety that comes with playing first base, but Myers has done great and looks comfortable.  Black and the coaches like that Wil is excited about playing first  and even compare him to a kid with a new toy.