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Even more uniform mock-ups in old Padres colors

Greg sent me his "Top Secret" stamped mock-ups for new Padres uniforms.  I'm really enjoying how Padres fans, unsatisfied with the current uniforms, are looking to solve the problem themselves instead of waiting for the Padres to finally make things right.  We've looked at a few other interpretations this year and the one common reaction when I see them is that they all look better than what the Padres are wearing now.

I should probably reiterate that I'm a guy who would be happy just to pick a uniform set from anytime before the Padres started wearing blue and roll with it.  I'm impressed though by the creativity of these new looks that fan designers are showing us.  For instance, I'm a big Friar guy and given a choice I'd stick with the original Friar logo, but I think the one designed by Greg looks pretty darn good.  His mission-style logo too is simple and clean and better than the current Petco Park Padres logo.

I'm not crazy about the font he chose, especially with the conjoined SD on the cap and on the breast of the alternate uniform.  The team really needs to go back to an SD where the D hangs lower.  It's too jumbled now and especially with a font with so many edges.  It doesn't look as bad on the team and players names though.

I think Greg made the right decision by using the gold on the front of the cap and off the bill.  I've never been a fan of baseball caps with a different color brim when it's the accent color.

Overall I'm really impressed by the design, I think my favorite look is how much the camouflage is improved with brown and gold accents added.  While I love that the Padres finally moved to a MARPAT, it never quite looked right with the white and tan fonts.

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