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Bicycle tourist stops at Petco Park on his mission to visit every MLB park

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Matthewverygood tweeted us a link to a Reddit post by Matt Stoltz saying that he'd be at Petco Park tonight as one of his thirty MLB ballpark stops on his 11,000 mile bike tour of the United States.

His website describes his mission to visit the ballparks but also to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters.  You can help by making a donation.

Biking for Baseball

Starting opening day in Seattle on April 6th 2015, Matt will be riding solo and unsupported for the 11,155 mile journey to all 30 MLB ballparks. Along his ride Matt will be raising money and attention for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Milwaukee and Biking for Baseball.

According to his Twitter account Matt just reached Petco Park about 45 minutes ago it looks like he'll be trying to round up some interviews with Fox Sports SD to raise awareness for his cause and talk a little baseball.  He should drop in on Padres Social Hour for sure.

I'm no stranger to bike touring myself.  It's a rewarding way to travel mostly because of the people you meet on the way, so if you're at the game tonight reach out to him and show him some San Diego hospitality.   I wouldn't mind talking some shop with him if I end up going.  Here's today's entry in his blog where he describes yesterday's journey.  I'm jealous.

Biking for Baseball – Surfs Up

I’ve learned how great this tour is. Right when the bicycle touring begins to get tough. Trust me, it’s not easy to get up everyday and spend all day on your bike. It’s tough. Both mentally and physically. However, right when it’s getting old, I get to watch a baseball game. Tomorrow, I’ll head to Petco Park to catch the Padres play. I can’t wait. Maybe, I’ll start to get sick of watching baseball. Who am I kidding? I will never get sick of watching baseball.

Well I’m off to bed, I’ve got a few miles to bike to Petco, before I return in the evening for the ballgame. It’ll be a great day of biking and baseball. You can’t ask for anything much better. Have a great night.