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Gwynn's personal memorabilia up for auction

RVR Photos-USA TODAY Sports

Tony Gwynn's personal memorabilia is being auctioned off.  Some of the proceeds will go to the Tony and Alicia Gwynn Foundation.  It's a shame that these items are leaving the Gwynn family, but it's for a good cause.

Tony Gwynn memorabilia to be auctioned

Alicia Gwynn told that she decided to sell the items "in order to keep Tony's dream alive of helping today's youth." Some of the proceeds from the auction will benefit the Tony and Alicia Gwynn Foundation, a nonprofit that focuses on disadvantaged youth.

You can view and bid on the auction items until April 25th.  The most affordable items right now are Gwynn's personal collection of Football trading cards and a trio of framed photos going for $95 and $75 respectively.  Some team issued jerseys from Throwback Days are only $100 and there's a killer letter opener for the same price.

The most pricey item is Gwynn's 1989 Silver Slugger award.  The current bid is $3,661 which is just slightly out of my price range.

All in all, these items aren't terribly personal, so I can understand the Gwynn family wanting to part with them to help fund their foundation and put the items into the hands of fans who will appreciate them.