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Padres Opening Day Tips in Infographic Form

If you're like me, then you have sooo many questions about the Padres Home Opener.  It's been so long that since we've attended a Padres game that we're out of practice.  The first game always brings some changes and planning ahead is usually required.  What time does the ballpark open?  What time should I arrive?  Should I wear pants?  This handy infographic the Padres created will answer most of your questions.

Opening Day Tips

I'm a non-member so the earliest I could enter the park is 12:30.  That might be a little too early for me since I'll be waiting for Jon for about 2 hours.  I'm usually pretty good about scavenging for things to do as a lone wolf, but I'm not sure I can eat up two hours on my own.  I'm thinking I might take the trolley down today and get there around 1:30ish.  I figure I'll be through the metal detectors in time to catch the end of Padres Social Hour at 2:30.

Then when Jon arrives we'll visit for a while, get snacks and find a good location to watch the opening ceremonies.  With Park passes we don't have seats, otherwise we'd be in them.

Keep your plans fluid, make decisions on the fly, adapt and wear pants.  Those are my tips for you.