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Bruce Bochy thinks the Padres should retire Jake Peavy's number 44

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Barry Bloom of was checking in with the former Padres on the current Giants roster. Jake Peavy is eager to start a game at Petco Park for the first time since he bailed on the city.  I know, I know he was "pressured" out, but let's not pretend that he didn't want out either people.  Ultimately with his no-trade clause it was his choice.

Anyway, apparently Giants Manager Bruce Bochy and former 3B Coach Tim Flannery teased Peavy last season about how he deserves to have his number retired in San Diego since he is supposedly better than Randy Jones.  I don't think that's the only criteria but I could be wrong.

Peavy eager to start in city where he starred |

"He meant a lot to that franchise," said Bochy, who managed 12 years there, winning four division titles and one NL pennant. "He was very popular with the fans and I think they appreciated the intensity with which he played. I could see his number being retired. That would be cool. He was the man there. There was Tony, Trevor and then there was Jake."

If anyone should have their number retired for the Padres on the current Giants roster, it should be Bochy himself.  Jake Peavy can keep waiting.