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Quiz: Can you name all the Padres on the Opening Day 25-man roster?

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

With all that went down yesterday with the delay and subsequent trade I'm embarrassed to say that I still haven't even perused the final 25-man roster.  I saw a couple people surprised about where certain players ended up, but I'm still a little in the dark.  I find that if you're going to root for the team that you should try to know all the players.  It's not absolutely necessary, but it can be helpful to your fandom.

Take this quiz and see if you can't name all 25 players in five minutes.  You only need to type their last names for the answer to be counted as correct.  When discussing the results in the comment section make sure to use the spoiler button when referencing any names so that you don't give away any answers.

After you're through, we'll see you in the Game Thread and we'll talk about today's game in an excited but civil way.

Go Padres!