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Padres still haven't set 25 man Opening Day roster after noon deadline

Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

The Padres and the rest of the MLB teams were supposed to have their 25 man roster set at noon today.  Padres GM A.J. Preller is a maverick as we know, so here we are several hours later, the only team without their Opening Day roster set.  It would seem that Preller is working on a last minute deal that would, both cut the roster and make the team favorites for a World Series Championship all at once.

Carlos Quentin and Cameron Maybin are two players the Padres have been to be shopping.

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"I guess (Carlos) Quentin was a total failure at first. From what I’ve heard, they’ve been shopping Quentin and (Cameron) Maybin aggressively, even willing to pick up a chunk of money. Early on in the spring, Quentin was moving better. Best case, you get half a season out of him."

While noon appears to be a soft deadline, one would assume that they'd need to start the game tomorrow with only 25 guys, but I wouldn't put it past Preller to sneak a few more in the game.