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More modern mock-ups of Padres uniforms in retro colors

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

As we learn of a rumor that the Padres might wear brown uniforms as an alternate next year, we can take a look at more modern mock-ups of Padres uniforms in retro colors.

Gridiron Labs

This first one is from Gridiron Labs, a Los Angeles based design firm specializing in sports branding.

As you may know I have an affinity  for the team's original brown and gold colors, so seeing a concept of a washed out yellow described as sand and aqua described as sea set on a brown jersey, doesn't really do it for me.

The SD logo, specifically the S especially remind me of the USD monogram.  It doesn't really scream Padres to me but it does offer a fresh look at the brand.  I know that there will be some that want more a drastic makeover for the team and this could be up their alley.

I don't really like the block lettering font here only because it looks a bit too much like the current unis.

Believe in Brown

The second set of uniforms is still a work in progress.  This one is from J Todd and his Believe in Brown campaign.  J Todd has been preaching his love of brown in vlogs for the last several months.  You've probably seen them in our FanShots section.

He's slowly rolling out his concept for a new uniform.  So far he's released his idea for a new home jersey and two alternates but promises more in the coming months.  He tells me that he has an even better marking plan to go with the new design that he hopes to present to Padres President Mike Dee someday soon.