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Padres to wear brown uniforms on Fridays at home?

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Lee "Hacksaw" Hamilton reports in his 7 minute podcast and on Twitter that the Padres are considering bringing back brown uniforms as an alternate next year.  According to Hacksaw they'd wear them at every Friday home game to celebrate the team's original colors.  There's roughly an average of 13 Friday home games a season which is about 8% of the total games.

Some might feel it's a step in the right direction, but I see it more as a way to placate the fans that want the Padres wearing brown everyday , as the team should.  If leadership can defuse at least some in the Bring Back the Brown movement then they continue to get what they really want which is blue Padres forever. And that's a long time.

This brown rumor is a foothold and at least if it happens they can test out new brown designs without going all in, but I'm still hoping for more of a permanent change.  Maybe that could happen if Padres fans really take to the new/old look, but you never know.