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SD 0, LAD 3: Losing like this sucks, a lot

The Dodgers kicked off their visiting trip to Petco Park with an annoying win, and the Padres bats looked like some damp soggy logs.

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Cashner had a little trouble with his control in the top of the first when he hit Yaiel Puig in the left knee with a 96 MPH fastball. Puig stayed on the ground for a bit before a trainer checked him out and sent him on his way to first. Former Padre Adrian Gonzalez gave his former team a gift and immediately grounded into a double play to end the inning.

With one out in the second, another ex-Friar came to the plate. Yasmani Grandal hit one deep into left field. If you were watching on TV, your heart stopped when the ball slipped out of view of the camera. It looked like it might have been a home run, and Grandal thought so, too, until he pulled up at second with a double. Juan Uribe sent a single up the middle to put the Dodgers up 1-0. A walk to Joc Pederson put another run in scoring position, but Cashner struck out opposing pitcher Zack Greinke to end the inning.

Yonder Alonso led a nice little rally in the bottom half of the second with a 5-pitch walk. Derek Norris and Will Middlebrooks followed up with a pair of singles to load the bases with nobody out. Greinke rallied, though, striking out Alexi Amarista and the pitcher (which Dick Enberg will tell you makes him "one of the great pitchers in the National League") to bring Wil Myers to the plate. Myers looped the ball right over Greinke's head, but Howie Kendrick was playing behind second and easily snagged it to end the inning.


That's how the pace of the Padres offense seemed to last for the remainder of the game. A few hard-fought battles against an annoyingly dominate Grienke, only to be canceled out by a hard-hit ball into a Doyer glover here, or a ground out into a double play there. Then, like salt in the wound, a home run from Carl Crawford.

By the eight inning that beamed knee of Puig seemed to mix things up enough with his leg to cause his hamstring to be re-aggravated. He would be taken out of the game, but not before Kevin Quackenbush got his feet on the mound for the first time in the season after spending a little spring vaycay in El Paso.

Quack punched out the subbed-in Howie Kendrick, but was knocked around a little in the top of the ninth. A walk, a double, and a sac fly from the Doyers put them up 3-0, and the Padres ceased to be.

There goes the NL West lead, but not for long. The Padres haven't lost a series at home yet, and we've set the stage for a triumphant return from Ian Kennedy tomorrow. Once the Pads have acclimatized out of the thin Colorado air; the lumber should follow.

The loss shook Darklighter's computer to the core.

I'm only here to dot the i's and cross the t's.

Credit to him for basically putting up 90% of this recap.

R.I.P. in peace.

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