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Padres lose 2-1 to the Rockies and end up splitting the series

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

I didn't end up following this game at all except for checking the score a few times on my phone and then listening to the last half inning before the MLB app quit on me during the last at bat.  I'll tell you about it anyway.

In the top of the first Cory Spangenberg shot himself out of a canon straight at first basemen DJ LeMahleu and bowled him over.  Spang knows that it's always better to slide into first base headfirst and preferably through your opposition.  He'd probably tell you it's a little thing called fundamentals.  The only thing safe about the play was the call by the umpire.

If I'm reading this game summary correctly it looks like the Rockies took an early lead in the bottom of the frame.  Tyson Ross forced the first two batters of the game into ground outs and then sh_t the sheets by allowing a walk, a single, a wild pitch, a walk and another walk.  All that terrible Padres baseballing only gave Colorado one run.

In the 4th inning Matt Kemp singled to second base.  Yangervis Solarte walked and Yonder Alonso punched a single through the 5.5 hole.  It was all tied up and there was no reason to doubt that both teams had plenty of scoring left to do.

As it turns out only one last run would be scored and it would come in the 5th as Ross served up a homer to Corey Dickerson.  Here's a fun fact about the game.  It was only the second 2-1 Padres loss in Colorado, the first one was last year.  Of course it happened in 2014.

Anything else worth mentioning?  You tell me.

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