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SD 7, COL 6: These Friars know how to play Colorado baseball

Today's night game in Denver was a bit of a fight, and the Padres pack a punch. Another multi-hit night from Myers, some clutch hitting from Norse, and a sweet catch from Kemp.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

In case you're counting, the San Diego Padres are currently outscoring the Colorado Rockies 21 to 9 so far in this four game series. That's a lot of run score points. And thanks to a Dodgers loss to the Giants tonight, are tied for first place in the NL West. That's another come-from-behind victory, our 10th win of the season, and our best 15 game season start since that magical '98 year.

Game Preview

Tonight's pitching responsibility was placed on Brandon Morrow. Despite having a 2.00 ERA, Morrow hadn't notched his first 2015 win of the season. But pitcher wins are a stupid stat. Especially when you've collected 12 K's and only allowed 2 runs in 14 innings.

Unfortunately, tonight the elevated Colorado offense got through to Morrow by the 5th inning, and he will have to earn a win some other time. Tonight he went only 6 innings and gave up 5 earned runs in 6 hits, collecting only 3 strikeouts and giving up 1 walk. Not that it mattered.

It was a milestone for Morrow, though. Taking inspiration from Odrisamer Despaigne's first MLB hit, Morrow (who has never been on base in his career) drew a walk in the 5th! By the way, Kemp confirmed that he will indeed by buying OD some clothes per the bet he made. Kemp described OD's batting practice as "terrible." Poor guy.

The Pads struck first in the form of a Clint Barmes solo home run and a Matt Kemp RBI single in the 3rd getting the Friars up 2-0. The following inning the Rockies tied things up 2-2 after that jerk Nick Hundley hit an RBI triple and was plated by a groundout. The Padres trailed all the way into the 7th 5-2 after another RBI triple and a sac fly from the Rocks; until a pair of doubles from Cory Spangenberg and Wil Myers chipped away at the lead to make things 5-3. Matt Kemp used his old man hips to catch a ball so well that Charlie Blackmon didn't realize it until he reached third base.

♫ Oh baby when you catch like that, you make a woman go mad. ♫

The lineup wasn't done, though. With Wil Middlebrooks on base with a single and Yonder Alonso put on by a HBP, the so-hot-right-now Yangervis Solarte came up to pinch hit and hit the clutchiest clutch RBI to to put things at 5-4. Alexi Amarista tried ninja'ing Alonso in with a suicide squeeze, but that was snuffed. But no big deal, because with Myers up to bat things were done traditionally: with an RBI single, to tie things again at 5-5.

That's something like a prillion multi-hit games for Wil Myers now.

Oh gosh, you think the Padres were done? You must have not realized who was up to bat next. DEREK NORRIS SMASH BASEBALL, and plates the Ninja and Myers. With a 7-5 lead late in the game Padres fans could finally relax a little, drink their green juices, and pray to the Swinging Friar that the bullpen comes through.

The Norse God channels his beard into a technique we've been using this series so far called: Hit it to Dubbs, because he won't catch it.

It was time for Joaquin Benoit to do some relief, and relieve he did. A quick 1-2-3 inning sat down Troy Tulowitzki and pushed things into the bottom of the 8th. An offensive attempt to pad the lead featured Andrew Cashner coming in to pinch run. Unfortunately those golden mullet locks never crossed the plate, so it was time to release Craig Kimbrel.

The last time Craig came in he kinda blew it. But that was then and this was now. This time all he wanted to do was give up a quick little solo HR to Nick Hundley giving the Rockies a slim 7-6 deficit; and then close everybody else out like a champ. Bold stuff, but this time it was actually a save opportunity, and Kimbrel is kinda 5-for-5 with those.

Source: FanGraphs

A huge chunk of this game was in the Rockies' favor. I guess not outscoring them by twelve will do that to your win expectancy. Things were chopped down like a bearded mullet-man chopping down a fresh pine after that Solarte/Norris punch. Myers (3-4 with 2 RBI), Norris (2-5 with 2 RBI), and Kemp (1-4 with 1 RBI) had the biggest impact on the game. Jedd Gyorko is the only one who didn't hit today, but instead drew two walks.

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