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Padres rough up Rockies, like a billion to 3.

San Diego takes advantage of hitter friendly Coors field to mount up an impressive victory of their mountain-bound NL west rivals.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Coors Field is known for allowing a lot of hits, dingers and runs. When you are the visiting team and you get 5 runs in those first ups you know one of two things is coming: Either you are top of your game and about to mash all night at a mile high and bury the Rockies or you are in for a slug fest with lots of trips to the bullpen and lead change after lead change. Fortunately today was the former.

Let me use Matt Kemp's 2 RBI double to illustrate what was working for the Padres today.

2015-04-20 Kemp Double

During the offseason the Padres were somewhat criticized for building a lineup of mostly right handed hitters. The lineup would be vulnerable to right handed pitching they said. The flip side of that is that they can be dominant against left handed pitching. Look at that pitch by Rockies starter Jorge De La Rosa. Admittedly it's not a great pitch, but the way Kemp handles it shows how dangerous these right handed bats are. De La Rosa tries to come in on Kemp. but Kemp's plate coverage is so good he can take this pitch the other way. If that pitch isn't as far inside, Kemp could really drive it to RF and maybe hit an oppo shot. If a breaking ball leaks in the slightest, the slugger has time to adjust and pull the hanger to LF. Kemp is the most complete hitter of the bunch, but other hitters use some of these same tactics to see these pitches from southpaws a little better and pepper them all over the park. That's part of what happened today as the Padres romped to a 14-2 win.

The aforementioned 5 run first inning that Kemp helped open up was followed by a 4 run second inning. All the runs scored in those first 2 innings without the aid of a fence clearer. That's right, 9 runs and no home runs. Some highlights besides the Kemp double were are Jedd Gyorko one out double in the first and a one out two run triple in the second. But, if we are talking highlights we have to talk about Odrisamer Despaigne's first of his career.

After taking a couple comebackers off the shin and the chest in the second inning, he led off the 3rd inning with a single. He had been 0 for 30 for his career and did not look threatening at the dish before hitting that ground ball with eyes to right field. The bench loved it. Matt Kemp's reaction was priceless. Dick Enberg and Mark Grant relayed an anecdote about how some of the players promised him new clothes if he got a hit. Despaigne claims he's getting a new closet. Mark Grant called the hit the highlight of the season.

The Padres would allow the Rockies to plate two runs in the 4th inning, but had more in store for Rocks in the top of the 5th. Capped off by a Will Venable two run shot, the Friars found a way to put another 5 runs on the board. Venable's long ball didn't seem like it would travel that long at all. The longest tenured active Padre came in for Justin Upton in the middle of the fourth and in his first at bat lifted what looked like a routine fly ball to right field. But this is baseball at high altitude and the ball caught a jet stream or something and slowly sailed over the fence. It's the kind of home run you see often in Denver and you have to chuckle to yourself about it every time.

Just like that Venable round tripper, the Padres would slowly cruise to victory as well. On Gaslamp Ball we refer to any large number as a billion, but the final score was 14-3. Odrisamer Despaigne took home the victory (along with that highlight hit) in perhaps his last start filling in for injured Ian Kennedy.

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