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Ballpark Blueprints: Petco Park

I must admit I'm a bit of an architectural nerd.  I also love baseball.  Therefore I am fascinated by baseball ballparks.  I love traveling to other ballparks, and often plan trips around stadiums and team schedules.  Baseball is pretty much the only sport in our country where the venue itself defines and is part of the game.

So naturally I've been following Ballpark Blueprints, waiting for Petco Park to be drawn up.  Recently our ballpark became available and last week I received a copy.  The very next day I bought a frame and hung it up in my office at home.

Petco Blueprint 2

It really is a great piece of art.  The print is so much more than some cheesy poster you'd hang in a man cave.  My wife even let me hang it in our house.  It's that nice.  Outside of a few autographed baseballs and a handful of books all my sports memorabilia is only allowed in our garage or attic.  That should tell you something.

So do yourself a favor and check out their website.  They offer football stadiums and a few classic baseball ballparks as well.  They are always adding new prints.  I'd love to see Lane Field someday and maybe even San Diego Stadium before all the expansions.