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Gaslamp Ball in brown and gold!

We're super excited to show off Gaslamp Ball's new colors. We've flipped the switch to Padres brown and gold!

Denis Poroy/Getty Images

We were talking a few months back about how badly we want to convince the Padres to switch back to their original colors of brown and gold.  I then thought to myself, how would we ever be able to convince the team to change their colors if we can't first convince SB Nation to change our beloved site's colors first?

I brought it up to SBN League Manager jbopp and he ran with it.  He said it was easy to sell to the SBN design and product team, because they loved the idea.  They surprised us this morning.  We'd like to publicly thank them because it was a lot of hard work and the results look killer.


You're next Padres!