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Padres game on The Point

Darklighter was one of the 1,700+ people that retweeted a Padres tweet to enter for a chance to win seats in the Padres new bar stool seating area in left field, The Point.

Forget what you just read, I got it all wrong. Let me correct the record with this note from Darklighter:

Always underestimating, me jbox. I won a TRIVIA CONTEST for those seats. It was in the Padres Social Hour chat. The question was "Which Padres pitcher with a minimum of 75 decisions has the highest winning percentage?" The answer was Bruce Hurst.

Anyway he graciously invited his fellow Gaslamp Ballers bave, Jonny Dub and me.  I jumped at the opportunity taking Jonny Dub with me hand-in-hand on the jump like that scene in the first Lethal Weapon movieJodes0405 jealously declared it a Gaslamp Ball Guys Night Out, a GLBGNO if you will.

The game started at 6:10, so we met out front of the Tilted Kilt just after 5.  There was nobody in line so I turned on my stopwatch on my phone to see how long it'd take me to get through the metal detectors and security pat down.  I flew through in 28 seconds.  There was nobody in line, so there's no real takeaway here, just an experiment.  I was kind of hoping it'd take forever just for the spectacle of it all.  Bave told us that his girl accidentally left a knife in her purse last game and security missed it, so at least we're all safer or something.

I stopped for a moment at the entrance to take a good look at the Jerry Coleman statue. Something was different.  Then it occurred to me that a JC star had been added to the base of the statue.  Jesse Agler confirmed it was new.  I smugly patted myself on the back for being so perceptive.

With little time to spare, we followed Darklighter to the Padres store to catch the tail end of Padres Social Hour being filmed.

It was then I saw her, Lady Jane Mitchell of Channel 4 Padres fame.  We made eye contact and pointed at each other.  With the broadcast in progress we made wild hand gestures and mouthed messages silently.  We couldn't really understand each other so I said things like "Me Tarzan, you Jane".  Then I pantomimed myself putting on a Padres Parka and her eyes lit up, for the last time we had seen each other was in the Padres Store in 2011 when we rummaged through the discount racks to buy Padres Parkas. After the show, she stopped by to plug her reunion with Channel 4.

Cox Channel 4 San Diego - One on One... featuring the Legends

Jane is back to revisit the One on One stories of twelve legends, icons and Hall of Famers, with fresh, new interviews to update their journeys. Where are they now? What has changed? For those who have passed away, how were they remembered? What is their legacy?

She seemed surprised that I didn't know about it since she's mentioned it on Twitter  I lied and told her I don't hang on her every tweet.  She told me to go to her website and I told her to go to mine.  We then parted ways.

Jesse Agler and Randy Jones were nice enough to come say hello and wished us a pleasant fan experience in the gifted seats.

We poked around the Padres store a bit and looked at the throwback gear, but none of us made a purchase.  Instead we decided to head up to our seats.  They were pretty rad.

After some time taking pictures and chit chatting we made our separate journeys to go get food.  Darklighter enjoyed a brew and a burger from the Patio.  Bave got ahi poke tacos, which I'm told were delicious.

Jonny and I took a full lap around the ballpark to get our designated driver free drink coupons before realizing that there's a DD station in #BSPlaza. We're dumb.  Darklighter and Bave thought we had ditched them, since we were gone so long and threatened to throw our clothing onto the field if we didn't return.

We hadn't ditched them, we were just in line for Phil's BBQ at the same time that they ran out of pulled pork.  We eventually returned and feasted like kings on our stools.

We enjoyed our seats very much, but wondered if we'd be left with a stippled souvenir on our posteriors.

We were warned by Jesse Agler that we were to be careful of Justin Upton homerun balls and he very nearly hit one to us.


It was great fun and as we exited the stadium we all hugged, which seemed so natural at the time, but weird now.  Thanks to Darklighter for sharing his prize.