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The Sisterhood of the Traveling Jersey's Fourth and Final Season

We decided on Opening Day that the Sisterhood of the Traveling Jersey is so full of pins and patches that it should probably be put out to pasture and retired.  So I'm here to tell you that the jersey will be embarking on its final season.  Gaslamp Ball started this project three years ago and I'm here, like Trevor Hoffman before me, to close this sh_t out!

The Jersey has traveled with Padres fans, far and wide, all over the United States.  It has crossed many oceans and many continents.  If you want to be a part of its journey, all you have to do is email me AND WRITE A FANPOST! (If you've had the jersey in the past and did not write a story it's not too late, in fact it's still encouraged)

This is your last chance to be somebody, instead of a bum .  This is your last chance to be part of history!

If you would like to reserve some time with the Jersey AND write a FanPost about your time together, then contact me at: jonnydubgaslamp (at) yahoo (dot) com.