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Trevor Hoffman makes dramatic speech addressed to fans to start Padres season

RVR Photos-USA TODAY Sports

If you were at the Padres Home Opener you saw this video play before the game shortly after the new HD scoreboard was introduced.  Trevor Hoffman, who was also in attendance, made an impassioned plea for fans to "hear those bells".  It was dramatic and pretty bad ass, especially over the PA system with 45,000 fans getting goose bumps all at once.

San Diego it's time.  When you hear those bells ring, it's time for all of us.  Today's not about the past, it's not about the future, it's about right now!  To be a champion you can't feel pain.  Pain is only temporary.  Victory is forever.  There's forty-five thousand of us and only nine of them!  I want each and everyone of you to know how important you are.  The only way we can achieve victory is together.  We need you right now!  No matter what happens out there we know you won't give up on us, so we won't give up on you.  Get up!  Stand up! Brothers, sisters hear those bells!  Our time is now!

After the game I wondered just how much work I could get done if I had this speech at my disposal. Let me just put it this way, my laundry is folded!