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Dick Enberg has joined Twitter

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Last night before the Padres blew out the Giants, a strange thing happened.  Eighty year old, Ford C. Frick winner Dick Enberg joined Twitter.  I never expected it to happen.  His handle is combination of  his initials and his trademark call: @Deohmy.

While not yet verified yet, it's totally him.  If you look through some of his first followers, you'll see just about anybody that's anybody at Fox Sports San Diego.  He also gave us a peek at his score book.  That chicken scratch could only belong to one man.

For whatever reason this makes Enberg a good 50% more likable in my book.  At times I've been critical of him because he seems to put on airs and distance himself from his customer, the Padres fans.  But here he is throwing  himself in the proverbial lion's den, a ballsy move.  I hope that fans are respectful he continues to tweet throughout the season.