TFHS: Cap Update #1

Let's examine a few choices for these upcoming throwback games, shall we?

Thanks to a suggestion from the last episode of the Stash, here's the first of many Cap Updates to help inform you fine folks on some caps just hitting the market and some cap choices for your consideration.

If you haven't heard, I did attend Padres Fanfest and had an awesome time meeting many of you. While hanging out with Friar Fever and Bobby Cressey, I had the chance to examine Bobby's cap. Bobby wore a fine choice: he was sporting an '85 throwback cap, though with a gray underbrim and black sweatband. He noted that he had just picked up the cap from the team store and would rather have a "true" throwback. Being the cap guy, I had to get to work.

Lids is currently carrying that particular throwback that many of you may want to sport to a throwback game:


Padres Cooperstown Throwback

This cap is one of the closest you can currently find that carries some desirable throwback traits. The underbrim is throwback green and the sweatband is white. Both are really nice touches for a discerning fan. The only hangups keeping this cap from true throwback status are the New Era flag and MLB logo adorning the cap. Not a big deal to the average fan, but I'll know. I'll know.

Very sneakily tucked into the bottom of the Lids selection for Padres caps (the section littered with bottom of the barrel stock) was this jewel, new for this season:


Padres SE 2015 On-Field

This is the cap the Pads will be sporting on their collective domes during those Wayback Wednesdays this year. There's only a handful of pictures and no particular details on specs, but let me take a guess for you: Black underbrim, black sweatband, no New Era flag but a MLB logo in back. The page states that this particular cap won't ship until May 1st, which completely blows by the first game on the 29th. It may hit stores prior to that date, since it makes little sense to miss out on the one day of five where this cap is more relevant than normal.

For you easy fitted folks, check out this one:


Core Classic 39Thirty

I've had the pleasure of finding this cap for Walkoff59, and am placing it here for your perusal. The only difference with this cap and its fitted brothers is the inclusion of a Padres script logo in the back.


Well, I completely forgot this version of the cap. Getting back to Mean Machine down in the comments reminded me of a great spot for picking up true throwback caps: Mickey's Place.


Cooperstown '85 Cap

This is the SD Hat Guy approved version of the cap: No MLB logo/New Era flag, green underbrim with white sweatband. If you do choose to go with Mickey's, expect to wait a week for it to arrive, as it does ship from Cooperstown.


That's it for your cap update! Hopefully this was of some help to many of you looking for that cap for the throwback games or even for your own personal collections. Expect more Cap Updates as I stumble upon hot caps that you guys and gals may want to scoop up for yourselves.

Until next time! Go Pads! BEAT SF.

-Tim (The SD Hat Guy)

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