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Podcast talks about a possible Padres rebranding

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

There was kind of an interesting segment in one of the latest Padres and Pints podcasts.  The guys were interviewing Jason Klein from San Diego design firm Brandiose and after much talk about the minor leagues they finally touched on the Padres' current brand.

The discussion starts at about the 28:56 mark, if you want to give it a listen.  Rick explains that there is a MLB deadline for uniform submissions that happens in May each year. If the Padres are going to change their uniforms for the 2016 season they'd need to have it done in less than a month.  Work would presumably be nearly complete at this point.

After a half hour, knowing that Jason had previously worked with Peter Seidler and many Padres affiliates, Rick can no longer keep his composure and blurts out a pointed question to Jason.

"There's rumors going around that the Padres will get new branding next year...HAVE YOU GUYS BEEN CONTACTED AT ALL?!"

Actually there was no yelling as the caps seem to infer.  That was my own emphasis.

Jason responded, with a slight hesitation.

"Yeah... I can't speak to that right now."

Jason goes on to explain that the owners have made it very clear that this is a new era of Padres baseball.  He says that he thinks that the team wants to distance themselves from the team's current slightly darker Dodger look.   He goes on to talk about all the other changes they've made to the team and the ballpark, perhaps foreshadowing a new look for the brand as well.

Jason has a bunch of entertaining stories which makes this one of the best podcasts that Padres and Pints has done.  His team at Brandiose is very creative and worked on some really clever ideas as evidenced earlier in the podcast.  I just hope that if they are part of the re-branding that they don't eff it up, that's not too much to ask is it?