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SD 6 CHC 3: Hits-a-plenty in Padres win over Cubs

The Padres' mound was dominate and the lineup was on fire today in Mesa, Arizona.

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The third-straight game with at least five runs was a healthy collective offensive effort. Third base starter potential Will Middlebrooks led the charge with a slew of hits and ribby's. Andrew Cashner took the mound for his second spring training start and did Cashner stuff. Then the replacement crew came and put in some good work. Overall a great outing by the Padres.

Game Thread

Cash went three full innings striking out three and only walking one, giving up a fat zero in earned runs. He threw a hearty amount before walking off the field with a trainers, giving everybody a good spook. Padres chatter burst with fear of injury, but as of right now both Bud Black and Ted Leitner have relayed an "all-good" status on Cashner's health. Most likely a combination of slight soreness and being overly cautious.

The fun started in the second inning, though, with a three-run Middlebrooks jack. His first HR of the spring, Will went 1-4 after knocking Derek Norris and Yonder Alonso in for the quick lead. Alonso, the star of yesterday's offensive bout, went 1-3 with a home run of his own.  Abraham Almonte and Alexi Amarista both squirted out RBI-singles today keeping the Padres on top of the Cubs 6-3.

Justin Upton, who has been out for a few games due to a pestering illness picked up earlier in the week, connected early in the game for a warning-track fly out. Eventually he came back around, smashing a double for the day. Jedd Gyorko upped the Upton with two doubles, going 2-3 and contributing to the 12-hit Padres afternoon.

The subs came out and Kevin Quackenbush, Nick Vincent, Chris Rearick, and Jose Valverde popped in to all pitch some scoreless innings. Everybody had solid production this afternoon, with the help of some gross Cub errors early in the game. Other than a slightly-sloppy outing from Jason Lane, the Cubbies didn't do much to match the Padres' flexing.

Tim Federowicz was reportedly propped up on crutches awaiting an MRI after some concerning joint discomfort in his right knee. More information, along with some details on Cashner's retreat into the facility, will roll in later this afternoon or early tomorrow.

UPDATE: Cashner's curious removal was regarding a personal matter back in Texas.

Federowicz's knee is all torn'd up.

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A bit more difficult to get people watching baseball in the middle of a Monday. Regardless, the same fresh faces showed up to play. london_balling lead the discussion with the most comments, and KPWest won the rec award.

Today's game was not televised so you're not allowed to see any of what happened. Sorry.