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Padres FanFest 2015 Vouchers Now Available

Tickets for the free event on April 4th are now ready to be consumed by the masses.

As of this morning, the Padres have put a portal on their website for fans to acquire their own vouchers for 2015 FanFest next month. The whole thing is free, including parking, and only requires a quick MLB account along with some identifying information.

Get FanFest Passes

When going through the voucher process you'll get the option to select a seat, free of charge. Though there will most likely be plenty of expected seating for the event, getting a nice spot to watch the exhibition game is a good bargain for the low cost of FREE. The game will have our fresh Padres lineup up against Mexico City's Diablos Rojos.

Member's early entrance: 8a-9a
General fan entrance: 9a
Exhibition game: 2p

If you're a season ticket holder you get your pick of the litter as far as seats go. You're granted your opening day seats. As far as parking is concerned, all parking will be free at the Lexus Premier Lot.

More details about everything going on during this year's FanFest will start trickling out over time. You can expect autograph schedules, forum schedules, field tours, Padres gear garage sales, and so on. If you're unfamiliar with the FanFest experience you can live 2014's FanFest vicariously through jodes' recap post.'

Updates to this post will arrive as they're released.