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SD 5, COL 7: Yonder Alonso shines in loss against the Rockies

Bouncing off a high-scoring win against the Giants, the Padres kept the offense up. Though it wasn't enough to top the Rockies; there were some great takeaway performances.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

This Sunday afternoon of spring training baseball brought the Padres back to the Peoria Sports Complex to face off against the Rockies. Tyson Ross was slotted to get a good 30 pitches in his start today, tossing to Wil Nieves. Yangervis Solarte had the 3B start, and we saw Justin Upton miss his third-straight game due to his minor illness. Upton is expected to join the squad back on Monday.

Today's lineup tried Wil Myers at leadoff, followed by Cam Maybin. Matt Kemp and Carlos Quentin were put in the three and four slot, with the rest of the crew scattered on the tail end of the lineup. Quentin's served his spot as cleanup perfectly with an RBI in the first inning, and Alonso bullied Rockies pitching in every at-bat.

Ross had a tough time facing his first two batters of spring training, giving up back-to-back walks. But in typical Tyson Ross fashion he came back to retire the next three in order. His first inning tallied up 16 strikes in 27 pitches. He was swapped out with Aaron Northcraft before the end of the second inning, and threw for a total of 45 pitches.

Offense - Alonso's bases-clearing smack

Rockies pitcher Tyler Matzek caught Myers looking on a wide full-count outside strike, but followed up with a four-pitch walk to Maybin. Kemp then squeezed out a delightful base hit into the 5.5 hole, setting Maybin up for an RBI-single from Carlos Quentin. With a single from Gyorko, the bases were then loaded to have Yonder Alonso smash a grand-slam-looking double to clear the bases.


Alonso gives Gallagher's some good screen time.

Another late-inning RBI from Tank Top Tommy Medica would be the only offensive rebuttal to the Rockies. Quentin and shortstop Ramiro Pena both went 2-2 for the day, with Alonso batting a solid 3 for 3. Jedd Gyorko, Medica, Maybin, Kemp, Abraham Almonte, and Tim Federowicz all collected a hit each. The rest of the crew, Myers, Rymer Liriano, Will Venable, and Yangervis Solarte all went hitless in multiple at-bats.

Defense - Barmes' extra-curricular fielding

The second and third innings saw the Padres lead cut in half, then shortly topped. Amid the offensive barage against Ross and Northcraft, shortstop Clint Barmes was dished some tough-to-reach grounders. He got a chance to flash the glove, and despite not pulling off the outs, came pretty damn close.


I still say Ninja would have pulled this off.

Gyorko had a bit of a goof, stumbling over a routine grounder that should have been a double-play. The error would ultimately cost Ross to pitch a little bit longer than he was projected and to give up a run. Both Myers and Kemp got the opportunity to stretch their legs and cover some ground on a pair of pop-flys.

At one point during the game we got to see and old friend Nick Hundley behind the plate for the Rockies, with Matt Kemp at bat for our Padres and Carlos Quentin on deck. These combinations of ex-players should be fun to see during the regular season. But Hundley and his Rockies ended up punching back hard and topping the Padres 7-5.

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For a sleepy Sunday there was a solid turnout for today's 1:05p game. Grats to Darklighter, axlar, and london_balling for pulling in some solid recs. Lots of fresh faces this season putting in some good game discussion. Be sure to join us next time!