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Cody Decker's latest video: "Tank Top Tommy"

This summer, fear has no sleeves.

In case you missed the bizarre music video from "Princess Eze" starring the Padres' own Tommy Medica as a grossly affectionate loverboy, we highly suggest you go subject yourself to it before all else:

Princess Eze - For You ft. Tommy Medica

So now that's out of the way, it's time to fuel your nightmares even more than you thought possible. There were adverse reactions for everybody that sat through a music video featuring a shirtless Boyfriend Medica. Some loved it unconditionally (jodes) and some were straight grossed out. But we all knew that Medica, like us, wouldn't be forgetting the abomination of it all.

This video was uploaded just before Valentines Day, and with Spring Training around the corner everybody knew somebody on the squad was going to bring it up. That person was Cody Decker. Not a stranger to screwing with his teammates, Decker and the folks of Antihero Baseball crafted something that exceeded every disturbing expectation. Something that will burn the memory of this music video into everybody's subconscious for years to come.

Cody Decker's "Tank Top Tommy"

In the spirit of Mrs. Doubtifre recut as a horror movie; we get to see the dark side of Tommy that most of us have never known. The Tomcat's out of the bag. The deeply troubling biopic sheds new light on the threat that Medica imposes on the general public. His charming smile and flowing unbuttoned-shirt have been pure deception.