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Padres equipment manager takes to the field in 1969 uniform, but is it real?

Tony Petricca, the Padres assistant equipment manager, wore what looks to be an authentic 1969 Padres uniform a couple days ago, complete with cellphone on the belt and mismatched cap.  Otherwise he was the spitting image of one of our inaugural Padre forefathers.

According to former blogger Rick from RJ's Fro there's only one way to know for sure if the uniform is real.  No, it's not by asking Petricca if it's legit, it's by checking the armpit for breathing holes.

Most of the time when people tweet me pictures of crotch holes, I block them or continue the conversation in DMs, but for Annie Heilbrunn I make an exception.

I don't know anything about uniforms, but I declare this uniform to be the real thing, unless of course someone says otherwise.