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10 Gifs From the First Padres Game of Spring Training

Not able to watch the game yesterday? Don't have the patience to wait for re-broadcasts? Need a little bit more sustenance than a 3-minute recap video? We've got you covered.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

First Padres at-bat; a hit from Daddy Longlegs

After a few great, and not-so great at-bats in the Dominican Winter League, Maybin returned to the lead of the Padres' lineup to whip one into left field. Cam followed up immediately with a stolen base, the first of the Padres Spring. Maybin got such a good jump that both the Mariners pitcher Taijuan Walker and the broadcast crew didn't notice until he was standing up on second.

Kemp's first at-bat in a not-brown Padres uniform

Probably the most anticipated moment of the offseason; Kemp's first public appearance for San Diego. In his debut he managed to rip one down the third base line, only going a few inches foul. The rest of his pitches stayed low after that, and Matt got caught chasing. Despite looking pretty healthy, he goes on 0-3 for the rest of the game.

Barmes does that thing where you get 2 outs in 1 play

Despite Clint biffing a routine ground ball earlier in the game, he still filled the position in as much as anybody expected. Offensively there was nothing to be seen that day from Barmes. So the shortstop position still appears to be just as up for grabs as it was before spring training started.

Yangervis Solarte's almost triple

Speaking of up for grabs, the third base role has been a gaping chasm in the Padres lineup for some time now. Yesterday Solarte showed that he's pretty damn ready to fill the role, slapping a ball into far right field that almost bounced for a ground-rule double.

Unfortunately Solarte got a little bit ahead of himself. After probably being waved around, he spent most of his time rounding second staring into right field instead of putting his head down and trying his best not to get thrown out at third. He was then thrown out at third.

The first home run, of many, from Justin Upton

Something that's probably just as anticipated as Kemp's first appearance was Upton's. Except instead of speculation on players like Kemp and Myers, we're all very aware on what Upton's performance is going to be in 2015. Yesterday he highlighted the game for the Padres with a big smack into center field, taking advantage of the brand-new home run mark that now cuts through the batter's eye wall.

Tommy Medica snags a foul, hits an RBI "For You"

Reminiscent of the back-to-back Nelson-Medica foul-ball greatness in August of 2014, Medica starts warming up his first baseman's mitt for the spring. Replacing Alonso towards the end of the game, Tommy Boy started making more of an impact.

One of those impacts was a late-game RBI to knock in Cory Spangenberg after Spangy stole second. Despite being brought in at the end of the game, Tommy went 2-2, including a rallying single in extra-innings.

Solarte makes his case for third base


Working the hot corner well, Yangervis snags a sharp grounder heading for the green pastures of the left field line. Not only did he save a run, but he showed off his arm with a deep and accurate throw to end the inning. The following game we get to see a display of our other 3B candidate Middlebrooks, and comparisons will be made, with Bud Black saying that third base will be the biggest position competition this spring.

Rookie Rymer ruins everything, gives up game-winning run, curses the season


Despite it all, and despite it being only a charity game at the very beginning of spring training; Rymer Liriano showed up just in time to ruin it all. Misjudging a sharp bounce and deflecting it off of his glove; the game-winning run managed to make its way all the way from first base. The amazing off-season acquisitions, the solid performances by potential starters, all destroyed. Better luck in 2016.