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Padres lose to the Mariners 4-3 in first Spring Game

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

We had a bit of a mix up in the Gaslamp Ball offices about who was supposed to write yesterday's recap, so here I am letting you know that the Padres lost 4-3 to the Mariners.  I missed all but a few late innings of yesterday's game, so naturally I'm the best choice to tell you all about it.

You look forward to baseball games all winter, then you have meetings during the game and issues getting your MLB app authenticated, before you know it the game is over you're left to wait for the TV replay only to remember that you've cancelled your cable and aren't able to watch the MLB Network.  To catch myself up I watched this game recap from the Padres perspective.  I suggest you do the same.

If you watch this conglomeration of only Padres plays and then close your eyes a few seconds at the end you'll swear the Padres offseason was worthwhile and the team won. Otherwise you'll be exposed to the bitter truth that all those so-called improvements were nothing but a sham.

Justin Upton hit his first home run as a Padre off the centerfield wall taking advantage of the newly painted yellow line.  Matt Kemp went 0-3 with 1K.  Yangervis Solarte went 2-3.  Cameron Maybin still hasn't invested in a chin strap to keep his helmet on.  Those are my takeaways.

Fortunately the Padres are back at it again today to attempt to win back our hearts.

Great turn out in the Game Thread.  london_balling had the most comments and turbopan had the most recs.  Nicely done.

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