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SD 6, CIN 3: More scoreless outings, More home runs

At this point it's routine. Ian Kennedy put in his six scoreless innings, and there was plenty of hitting and scoring in the form of home runs.

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The number four starter spot at this point is locked in for Ian Kennedy. This spring training he hasn't been putting up big headlining numbers, but instead has been using this time to specifically develop his pitches. Today his offspeed-heavy performance allowed him to go the six-inning distance that James Shields, Tyson Ross, and Andrew Cashner have all pulled off.

Kennedy's day saw seven strikeouts and only six damage-less hits, and the guy is throwing a lot of strikes.

Meanwhile, a middle-of-the-game offensive burst kept the Padres up and above while coasting off dominate pitching. Matt Kemp (went 1-for-2), Clint Barmes (went 1-for-2), and Yangervis Solarte (went 1-for-3) popped off some home runs. Six runs on eight hits to overpower the Reds. A classic Padres strategy.

As things wind down in the Cactus League, Kemp's spring has done nothing but help fuel the hype of Preller's outfield. As of today, he's hitting .375 with his fourth home run being a two-run shot into left-center field.

Hasta la vista. Kemp crushes this no-doubter to a lucky fan sporting the brown and gold.

Barmes' had his first HR in this closing week of spring training. Clint has leveled out at a .242 average, while Solarte's 3-run home run today has him sitting on a .283 average. His first home run of the season; Yangervis has 15 hits in a little over 50 at-bats in his competition for the third base spot, while Barmes' 8-33 spring training will be a tough sell against the feisty Alexi Amarista.

Solarte digs in deep, bends at the knees, and launches this stupid little baseball into the empty stands for some fortunate "dude"-looking guy on his cellphone.

The Padres' next game will see Brandon Morrow show his stuff in the scheme of a powerful starting rotation. Basically, he'll be expected to throw six scoreless innings. I'm predicting 2-to-3 home runs, as well.

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