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SD 8, SEA 5: A Mullet a Matt and a Myers handle the M's

Cashner had a good outing, even comparison to Ross' 12-K start yesterday. Myers, Gyorko and Kemp all popped off on some Seattle batting practice.

Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

To kick off the last week of spring training, the Padres set Cashner on the mound. With James Shields already announced as the opening day starter, this puts Tyson Ross and Cash at projected 2 and 3 spots, respectively. To both work on and strut his stuff today, Cashner only allowed a lone run and four hits over six and a half innings. He also struck out six poor souls.

On the offensive side of things, the swingin' Friars collected 14 hits for 8 runs. The scoring was spread between Wil Myers, Matt Kemp, Jedd Gyorko, and Derek Norris, with some late inning action from Tommy Medica and Cory Spangenberg to put the cap on the day. Both Myers and Kemp went yard.

Working the mound

Cashner's last start was what could be described as a little bit poopy. He threw against the Mariners last Tuesday and gave up a home run to enemy Seth Smith, for a total of 4 hits, 3 runs, and 2 walks. He had Preller's new outfield to save him last time, and even if he threw as poorly as he did last time; had that same luxury this time as well.

Cashner inciting the inning-ending double play. In 18 innings pitched thus far, Cash has only given up 5 hits while striking out 14.

Instead, Cash went three straight innings without allowing any Seattle cleats to touch the plate. In the second inning, he struck out the side in 13 pitches, two of them with some signature 97 MPH heat. As he entered the 4th inning, he gave up a first-pitch HR to outfield prospect Jabari Henry. He stayed in until the middle of the 7th without giving up more than a lone double.

Action in the box

Yep. There were more home runs today. This time some more from Wil Myers who only needed the first pitch to decide he wanted to clock one out of left field. Same inning, next at bat, was Matt Kemp who took his into deep center. Jedd Gyorko and Derek Norris popped off some RBI singles, Gyorko in the 1st and 3rd. Kemp and Tommy Medica had some sac-grounders to knock in a pair of runs. Finally, Spangy topped things off with his own RBI single.

Kemp smash. Watch those "old man hips" turn.

FOUR more spring training games left, and EIGHT more days until opening day. Are you even ready?

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