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Wil Myers gives a good interview to Annie Heilbrunn

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

These interviews that Annie Heilbrunn conducts with Padres players are very revealing.  Where once they were baseball machines to me, now they are human.  I like that Wil Myers doesn't suck up to San Diego in his "Meet the Padres" interview.

For instance, he doesn't kowtow to his fan base when it comes to the things that we appreciate about our city.   When asked about his hometown in North Carolina, he tells us that the "Food is just so much better there, nothing against San Diego, it's just what I'm used to and what I like."  I can respect that.

Then my favorite part of the interview is during the Fast Pitch segment where Annie hits Wil with some quick questions.  She asks him to fill in the blank, "One thing you want to do in San Diego?"  This is where most guys would say something about the zoo or the beaches.  Well, Wil isn't a beach guy so his answer is so simple and perfect, "Win."   Wil is my new favorite player, sorry Yonder Alonso.