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Uni-watch's Phil Hecken thinks Padres need to bring back brown and other teams need to ditch camo

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

I'm listening to the Sully Baseball Daily Podcast from early this week.  It's the second part of his interview with Phil Hecken from  They get into a passionate discussion in the first 5 minutes about the Padres desperate need to return to brown uniforms and they finish the podcast by condemning all teams that wear camouflage, except the Padres who they give a pass.

If you don't have time to listen, let me give you the play-by-play:

Padres 1969 home uniforms

Sully starts the podcast by saying that the Diamondbacks, the Marlins and the Padres are three teams that have yet to get their uniform right.  Phil agrees with the first two but vehemently disagrees about Padres.

I think the Padres original 69, if you look back at pictures of those, especially ones when guys are showing stirrups with three stripes on them, those are gorgeous.  Each time the Padres have tweaked their brown they've got worse.

Phil doesn't like the solid brown with the orange but he'd still prefer that to what the team is wearing now, "which is just a horrible uniform, they look like the Brewers."

His favorite road jersey is from the 1973 season.

Sully likes the 1998 uniform, but says "I want brown and yellow on my Padres uniforms."  Phil agrees by saying they own those colors.

Phil continues by saying that the Padres have to go back to brown but he fears that the team will cheese it up by trying to make it more modern.

"Just go back to brown guys.  Brown is not a beautiful color, don't get me wrong.  I don't want to see a lot of teams in it, but that's a team they has to wear brown."

Sully sums it up, by saying the Padres need to own their identity .  Couldn't agree more.


The two finish the podcast with another Padres topic: camouflage.  They hate it.

The Padres were the first ones to do it. There's a huge military presence in San Diego.  You know what and they give. If you look in those stands on a Sunday afternoons you see 5,000 soldiers in the bleachers with free tickets.  That's freaking awesome!  Even if they want to have their own little camo uniforms. Ok, San Diego, you own it.

Phil's problem is with the three other MLB teams wearing camo now and all the other colleges.  He thinks they look ridiculous.  He makes the point that just wearing a camo jersey is dumb and that if they're going to wear it then go all out with camo pants, cleats that look like boots and face paint.  His main point is that "You can respect the military without playing dress up soldier."  Sully and Phil agree that if it's not patronizing then it's close and it's at least an empty gesture.

Honestly I'm kinda over the whole camo craze now that it's no longer uniquely San Diego.