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Can you name the Padres player by his beard?

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

You know how everyone is giving Padres broadcaster Dick Enberg the business because he's crazy old, his eyesight is terrible and he's always misidentifying players?  Sure he should be able to see their names and numbers and he has a score book in front him, but that's neither here nor there. We all act so smug, but how many players could we name by sight?  I have no idea what Brett Wallace looks like, none.  He could be Cody Decker's twin for all I know.

So I decided to make a quiz to see if you could name the player by his team picture.  Then for some reason I decided to make it much more impossible by only letting you see the bottom half of their faces.  You'll no longer be able to look into their dreamy eyes and imagine a future for yourselves, now you'll have to rely on your recognition of their chin pubes and wonder where you went wrong in your life.  Facial hair, complexion and jaw lines, that's about all you'll have to go on for all 60 players (and 3 coaches) that reported to Padres camp.

Take the quiz!