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Behind the scenes of Tommy Medica's music video debut

Here's some things you may not know about me.  One, I've recently become aware of singer/songwriter Princess Eze and I like her.  Two, I have the same chest hair pattern as Tommy Medica and three I love behind the scenes videos.

When Princess Eze released her video "For You" it kinda creeped us all out, for me it was in the good way.  It was a titillating experience to see heartthrob Padres utility player Tommy Medica in a sensual video with barely any shirt on.  I was fascinated by how the video repelled his lady fans and at the same time drew me in like a sexually charged magnet.

If you felt a little uncomfortable or perhaps scared while watching Medica give toothbrush hugs, you weren't alone.  There were definitely dark domestic themes being explored under the playful exterior.  This wasn't lost  on Medica's teammate Cody Decker, it inspired him  to edit his own version of the video into a horror movie trailer.  It scared us shirtless.

Finally last week Princess Eze released the behind the scenes video that we begged for.  It doesn't answer any of our initial questions like "What the shit?" but it shows the fun that was had making the video, the undeniable chemistry of the stars and the Princess Eze's great attitude.  Make sure you stick around for the end credits for the "Go Padres!" message.