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Shopping for Padres stuff

I went to the Mission Valley Target yesterday and when I go to Target I sometimes check out the Padres gear, if I remember. It seems like they've always got a new T-Shirt design and other crazy stuff that you don't see at other stores.

The first thing that caught my eye was a glorious gold Padres tee. This is a reason why the Padres should be wearing more gold. Look how it pops out from the rest of the stock. If I weren't so shy, I'd want to wear that shirt and stand out in a crowd too.

I wanted it bad but I also wasn't sure if I wanted it that bad. I'm hard to shop for and indecisive. It's not the best design but it's good enough for my style. Still I just stared at it instead of buying it. I asked Twitter if they thought I should make the purchase, they answered with are resounding affirmative. Even Mark Grant insisted.

I didn't see all your tweets until later though, I was holding a gallon of milk and it was heavy, cold and getting warmer every moment that I inspected the shirts. I left.

Later I saw how interested everybody was in the two tweets I sent about Target fashion and toys so I went back to take a plethora of pictures and to hang out at Target some more. Employees kept asking if I needed help finding anything and I answered "nope, just taking pictures of your merchandise for a blog".

Target has a pretty good amount of baby gear but none of it in throwback colors which is a damn shame. I like that they have Padres pacifiers though. I'm thinking about getting some and hanging them from a Padres lanyard. When I get nervous at games I'll pacify myself.

I was surprised that they also had Cashner dolls in stock. I'm pretty sure they were $20 and that's probably a pretty good savings off the price at the Padres store. I don't even know how much they were at the Padres store but a good rule of thumb is to multiply the maximum price you'd be willing to pay by 4 and subtract 2 dollars.

They also had Lego-like toys, which seemed overpriced. For one character it was $10. Am I reading that right? Jeez, I mean maybe if it was a real Lego product.

When I go back to loiter at Target next time, I may purchase the puzzle, the picnic blanket and some baby items. Maybe the gold shirt too.