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5 Things I learned about Justin Upton from watching Annie's interview

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

I'm just watching yesterday's Annie Heilbrunn interview with Justin Upton.  You can watch it too.

I'm going to tell you the five things I learned.

1.  "Jedd Gyorko is five-foot-nothin' and apparently thinks he's an NBA basketball player."  I actually think I knew that Gyorko is short, but it's tough to tell on TV without a banana for scale.

2.  Upton played the violin from the third grade until middle school, when he finally realized it wasn't cool.  I've always known violins aren't cool.

3.  If Justin were on death row and he was asked what he'd like to be served for his last meal, he'd choose pizza.  I'd choose something lighter, probably meatloaf.

4.  If Upton could trade places with another professional athlete he'd like to be Lebron for a day.  Just minutes earlier he was ribbing Gyorko for wishing he was an NBA player and now this?

5.  He's never been to the San Diego Zoo.  I've been there loads of times.  Hell, Dex, Kev and I used to work there.