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SD 7, CHC 0: Morrow, Medica, Middlebrooks, Kemp have fun beating the Cubs

Home runs, constant RBI's, short scoreless outings for fresh arms. Baseball is in full effect in Arizona for the Padres.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Machines are starting to look well oiled ever since Will Ferrell was retired from the Padres. Lineups and starting rotations are starting to look more and more solidified after the Padres' 7-0 spring training beatdown of the Cubs. In ten hits the warmed up Friar crew trumped the Cubbies with a combination of great pitching and hot bats.

Game Thread: 03/16 Padres vs. Cubs

Speaking of those starting rotations, a fiver spot with that league-revered pitching team is starting to look quite opportune for Brandon Morrow. In nine frames this spring, Morrow has only given up a run and has struck out seven. Today he went four scoreless innings giving up three measly hits and striking out two. Fresh.

Will Middlebrooks

Will won't stop proving he's ready to go to war in that third-base spot. Today Middlebrooks went to battle, going 1-3 with a RBI-double to start off the run fun. In his previous seven starts and 21 at-bats now Middlebrooks has turned at least 8 of them into hits. Two home runs, two doubles, and four RBI's is peppering Will's spring training.

Second inning and already dirt covering the uni from head to toe, Middlebrooks pops this off the left-field fence.

Tommy Medica

Another contender pushing for a starting spot, Tank Top Tommy has spent his spring training hitting every chance he can. In his previous 18 at-bats, Tommy has turned at least 10 of them into hits For You. Today Medica pinged out a little RBI-single to score Middlebrooks and kept on carving an impression as "not entirely hopeless for the regular season" into our minds.

The trick to popping up in Peoria is just not letting the ball land until it's well out of the park.

Matt Kemp

It doesn't seem to be a 2015 spring training game without Matt Kemp beating the crap out of a baseball at some point during the game. Today he smacked the hell out a 90MPH cut fastball, and the collective groans of Dodger fans and Matt Kemp groupies poured into baseball Twitter and Instagram pages. His flailed home run stance follow-through is something we're all about to get very used to being associated with happy endorphins flooding our brains.

Astrophysicists expect the ball to re-enter our atmosphere and land sometime in late April.

At this point it's difficult to decide to get more excited about the pitching coming together, or the lineup popping off the way it is. Andrew Cashner has his quality starts, Ian Kennedy is developing pitches and collecting his innings, Ross has managed to stay his solid self, and now Morrow is throwing a heck of an outing. Kemp, Upton, and Myers are keeping up with the hype, Middlebrooks and Solarte are duking it out, while Alonso and Medica are making it difficult to hate them.

The Padres win, 7-0, and there's too much to be excited about at once!

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