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SD 2, CLE 4: Myers' home run stands out in quiet Sunday loss

Kennedy conceded a few runs via home runs, a not-Ferrell Wil popped off a HR, and there was an inside-the-parker.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Today's matchup wasn't on the TV, it was barely broadcast. Visually, you're out of luck if you want to get in on the 4-2 loss to the Indians on a sleepy Sunday afternoon. Ian Kennedy coming close to reaching the 10-innings-pitched mark while Matt Kemp and Wil Myers provided the minimal offense.

Kennedy's outing saw three innings and two home runs. By the end of his start Kennedy expressed his confidence in his mechanics. His outing was a combination of trying to replicate a real game situation, and using batters as guinea pigs. Y'know, Spring Training stuff. Despite not having real-game stuff, he claims to feel good about the pitches he got to throw.

Even though he ended up making up for it, Myers got to experience some harsh Arizona winds and a fly ball worked its way past the center fielder. By the time Wil got the ball in it was too late, and Francisco Lindor got himself an inside-the-park home run.

Myers and Kemp combined as the expected offensive force today. Kemp popped off an RBI-double in the first inning. Wil scored on Kemp's RBI, and then took it to Cleveland in the 5th inning into left center to show everybody the look of a real home run. At this point it's pretty tough for Padres fans to run through a ST game without seeing some production from the Myers-Kemp-Upton trio. Good news, good development, spring training. Yeah!

If everybody wants to actually feel like part of tomorrow's game, it'll be available on FSSD. Brandon Morrow gets the start, and hopefully the Padres will somehow manage to catch up to the Cactus League-leading Dodgers. Because standings are a really, really big deal.

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Five guys and ten comments. Yep, Sunday in Spring. Things were warm in San Diego, and probably much warmer in Arizona. Despite that; Friar Fever, Joe, Timmah73, kevintheoman, and sduaztec4 all showed up. You guys MVPs.