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Will Ferrell's baseballing was pretty fun

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

You know I actually really enjoy Will Ferrell.  I can re-watch his SNL skits  and TV and movie appearances over and over and still get a good kick in the funny bone from them.  I was trying to think of my favorite character he plays and I think I've settled on Ashley Schaeffer from Eastbound & Down for now.  Whenever I need a quick giggle I'll watch this outtake video and laugh and laugh.

There was a lot of social media discussion about Ferrell making the rounds to ten different ball clubs yesterday and  #FerrellTakesTheField is still trending today.  It seems like most people enjoyed it as much as me.  When @GhostofRAK wasn't harshing my mellow with his negativity it was pretty fun to scroll through my Twitter timeline and see everyone else's response.  I really only caught his substitutions during the Padres and Dodgers game, but I checked in on scenes from each of his stops afterward.  Good stuff all around.  Comedy.

Fans online were wondering if Ferrell would wear number 19 in tribute to Bert Campaneris, the first to play all nine positions, even though the Padres have the jersey number retired for Gwynn.  It turned out that he switched to number 20.  Personally, I don't think it would have been a big deal to wear Gwynn's number, even though some felt differently.  Still it was nice that he was respectful of our recent loss.  Honestly I think that's probably the only difference, since he wore 19 with the Dodgers and White Sox who also have the number retired.

With nod to Gwynn, Ferrell plays right for Padres |

[Ferrell] wore No. 19 for each of his previous nine clubs (honoring A's legend Bert Campaneris), but the actor instead donned No. 20 for the Padres, in deference to San Diego icon Tony Gwynn, whose No. 19 has been retired.

I'm going to wrap up this post with my three favorite moments from his time in the game last night.  Here they are:

1.  As he chugged out onto the field in Padres uniform to finish his feat he muttered: "A 50 year old marketing record is about to be dashed for the 4th time."  Killed me.

2.  While visiting in the Dodgers dugout after his pitch, he was talking to his sons who were acting as bat boys and said "Did they [the Dodger players] give you chewing tobacco?  Ok, good."

3.  The line in his final speech to the crowd:  "They say there's nothing more American than grabbing a hot dog, heading to the ballpark and watching nine guys from the Dominican Republic make magic on the field. But you know what?  Today I learned they are wrong!  Make that eight Dominican's and one guy from Irvine, CA"