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Will Ferrell is getting Garth Brooks tons of free publicity today

Tom Hauck/Getty Images

I am really enjoying Will Ferrell's day-long trip around the diamond on various Cactus League fields. One thing it brings to mind are other celebrities who have suited up in Spring Trainings past. Not just to my mind; all of the announcers so far today have ticked through the Billy Crystals and Bruce Hornsbys of the world, and I'm nearly certain all the other broadcasters in later games will as well. The one name that gets the most attention is Garth Brooks, and rightfully so. He suited up for three teams over a seven-season span, beginning with the Padres in 1998.

Brooks first worked out with the Padres in '98, and was utilized once as a pinch-runner. The next year he was much more involved, sticking around long enough to go 1-for-22 with an RBI. Like Ferrell, Brooks was also playing for charity. Via The Augusta Chronicle after Brooks left camp so he wouldn't take time away from guys on the bubble:

Brooks said he got what he wanted from spring training -- a chance to fulfill a boyhood dream and to jump-start his Touch 'Em All Foundation, which earns money for children's charities based on players hitting homeruns, stealing bases or pitching strike outs.

The next year, 2000, Brooks went to camp with the Mets and went 0-for-17. He gave it one last go in 2004 with the Royals, collecting his second and final base hit.