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SD 10, SF 5: Everybody hits a home run, and the Padres beat the Giants

Kemp, Upton, Middlebrooks, and Quentin. It took a lot to have to sit through a radio-only game with Padres hitting homers left and right. Here's the gist of what happened today.

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Most of the staff here at Gaslamp Ball got home late, and things got a little bit crazy in Arizona today. For the first time in 2015's Spring Training season the lineup got to see newcomers Matt Kemp and Justin Upton at the same time. Ian Kennedy returned after being ruffled a bit in his last 2-inning appearance, and the rest of the lineup was experimented with.

Unfortunately Kennedy's expected 3-inning outing was cut short just below two. He gave up 3 runs in 5 hits, only striking out two. His last start he allowed two runs in two innings. Kennedy's stumble will make way for a start from Brandon Morrow tomorrow, as spring training starts to progress into clearing up strengths and weaknesses. But things didn't get much worse today than it did for Yusmeiro Petit.

If you thought the past couple days have been active offensively; today was a parade. Matt Kemp, Justin Upton, Carlos Quentin, slotted in the 3-4-5 spots, all hit home runs. With Kemp and Upton's back-to-back, we also got to see Will Middlebrooks smash one out in his fight for the 3B starting spot.

Our lineup spit hot fire

Will Venable drew two walks in three at-bats, scoring on Kemp's home run in the bottom of the third. The Wi with one L, Wil Myers, subbed in later in the game to also draw a walk and be left on base. Yangervis Solarte also drew a walk and went 1-2 with a crisp liner into right, also scoring as part of Kemp's 3-run blast. Before all that jazz, Kemp popped a basic single; eventually going 3-3 for the day with three batted in on his HR.


The next inning featured a two-out full-count starring a W-i-doublehockeysticks. Middlebrooks crunched a bomb into left field, a part of the ballpark that would eventually be peppered with more Padres home runs. Will #2 also went 3-3 with his self RBI.


Part of the home run party was obviously Justin Upton. Hitting his only moments after Kemp, and to his favorite spot in left-center field. Upton's day showed a healthy 2-3 with an additional RBI-double into left field. Currently in ten at bats, most of Justin's hits are home runs.


The other fellas in the starting lineup, (Derek Norris, Clint Barmes, Cory Spangenberg) all went hitless with at least Barmes drawing a walk. I'm guessing by the time they were pitched to all of Mike's Secret Stuff was out. Not to be forgotten, Carlos Quentin hit a two-run home run of his own. He topped out at 1-4 for the day.

Our pitching didn't blow a ten-run lead

After Kennedy's less-than-sexy start, some friendly faces showed up to keep things a million to one. Jay Jackson, Robbie Erlin, Marcos Mateo, and Colin Rea all had scoreless appearances. The Giants had some abysmal defense to help with the Padres' hot bats, with three errors allowing a few runs. But nothing detracts from the spring training bloodbath all of us hope to see achieved in the regular season.

News also came in about Andrew Cashner's curious removal yesterday. Cashner's mother, who has been battling leukemia and had her leg recently amputated, is currently being hospitalized. Cashner put out a hopeful request for blood donations from residents in the Houston area where his mother is staying. He will be flying out of Arizona to go be with her.

This is where you can learn more about that.

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