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Corey Brock talks toTed Leitner about the Padres' additions

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

I like to seeing and the Padres putting Corey Brock in front of the camera more often.  Although I like reading his stories well enough, I find I prefer him when he appears on the Darren Smith Show and on Padres Social Hour.  It seems like they haven't been taking advantage of his talents until recent years.  They've got a guy with real solid baseball knowledge, likeable personality and he's well spoken to boot.

Since Ted Leitner left Channel 8 decades ago, he's seldom seen in front of the camera.  Of course I hear him speak all the time on the radio broadcasts, but his personality seems so much more over the top when you see his facial expressions and hand gestures.  Even in this quick video when Ted is relatively calm, he looks like a crazy person next to Corey.  I love it.

I especially like the end of this piece when they talk about what Jerry Coleman would think of the team.  Here, watch for yourself.