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Andrew Cashner asking that Houston residents donate blood for ailing mother

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

If you're in the Houston, Texas area Padres starting pitcher Andrew Cashner is asking you to donate blood for his mother.

He left the game early during his start yesterday after he was informed of what manager Bud Black called a personal matter.

Padres right-hander Andrew Cashner leaves field because of personal matter, not injury |

The cause for Cashner's departure, Black said after the Padres' 6-3 victory at Sloan Park, was not injury, as had been widely feared on social media.

"He's doing fine baseball-wise. Threw the ball well health-wise, " Black said. "There's a personal matter back in Texas that I had to inform him of, so that's why I went in with Cash."

Asked if the Conroe, Tex., native would be in camp Tuesday, Black said he wasn't sure.

This morning Cashner posted a plea for blood donations for his mother on his Instagram account.

If you your in Houston and can donate blood please stop by for my mom. Give them her number #0926498 so she can get the blood! Thanks for all the prayers everyone!

More information became available this afternoon.  It turns out that Cashner's mother has Leukemia and had her leg amputated recently.  Cashner will fly to Houston tomorrow to be with her.

Cashner concerned for ailing mother |

"It kind of turned into an infection and we just found out yesterday it was E. coli," Cashner said. "We don't really know what's going to happen. [We hope] she wakes up here in a few days."

Padres' Andrew Cashner thinking of ailing mother |

"She's on a breath machine, she's on a dialysis machine, she's on a feeding tube," Cashner said. "Things aren't very good, but there's a chance that she can fight through all of this. It's just yesterday wasn't a good day."

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Cashner family.