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Bobby Cressey Tickling The Ivories On Wayback Wednesdays

When the Padres announced their promotional schedule a couple weeks ago, there was one detail we were sad to see missing: When would Bobby Cressey be playing the organ? Well, Bobby just posted the dates to his website this evening. The first game he'll be playing is actually before Opening Day: FanFest's exhibition game against the Diablos Rojos will be accompanied by the sweet sounds of live organ music. Following that, he'll be playing all five Wayback Wednesday games, hammering out 80s classics to go with the 1985 uniforms. Can't make it down for a weekday afternoon game? Bobby's wheeling out the organ again for the Labor Day matchup against the Colorado Rockies. But that's not the best part of the news.

The best part is this: If When the Padres make the playoffs this season, we'll be getting live organ music all October long. We love live music with our baseball, so we're thrilled to see Bobby coming back for another year.